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Every 19 seconds there is a prescription drug overdose related death in the United States.
This sobering statistic reinforces how critical accurate toxicology screens are for patients and physicians. The ability to monitor a patient’s medication consumption and reduce his or her risk of drug addiction, dependence and overdose helps to ensure a patient has the most optimum path towards recovery and healing.

Medicus Laboratories’ toxicology services deliver accountability and assurance to both the patient and physician. Boasting some of the most technologically advanced toxicology laboratories in the country, Medicus Laboratories employs only the latest high-tech equipment to perform our services. It provides higher accuracy in less time making Medicus Laboratories’ toxicology services not only reliable, but convenient.

In addition to the latest technology, our laboratories provide a wide-array of testing services for drugs, alcohol and smoking including:
Oral Fluid
Medics Laboratories’ experienced toxicology experts and staff engage in researching and analyzing the latest prescribed and illicit drugs on the market and utilize innovative methods of testing drugs. Our qualified experts guarantee thorough consultations, reliable equipment maintenance, full compliance with current government regulations, and overall quality control.

With the combination of our board-certified expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and diverse testing services, Medicus Laboratories provides clients with the most comprehensive and convenient drug testing solution.
Laboratory Services Include:
Urine drug testing cups
Oral swabs
Qualitative and quantitative reports
24 hour report turnaround
Immunoassay and LC-MS/MS test results
Educational materials for both clinic and patient

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