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The Physician in-Office Laboratory Solution

For physicians, Medicus Labs establishes CLIA-approved office laboratories using turnkey development and management services. Medicus provides reliable equipment maintenance, consulting on establishing drug screening process to improve patient safety and meet government regulations, and utilizes extensive networking to substantially reduce costs.

Patient Compliance and Liability

Federal and State authorities routinely develop new statutes or guidelines to address the mounting problems of prescription opioid abuse and diversion. The rise in prescription drug abuse in adolescents is particularly concerning. These requirements can be very burdensome and add further liability to the practice of medicine. The National Drug Control Strategy (2010) highlights these issues and recommends routine screening methods to monitor for drug misuse. State laws also often dictate frequent screening for treatment plan compliance.

Failure of a physician to adequately screen patients for drugs-of-abuse in their practice can lead to adverse clinical outcomes, significant liability, and authoritative sanctions.

Medicus Labs will review the current practice policies and procedures for drug screening, then aid the physician to design an ideal drug monitoring program to meet compliance with federal and state regulations.

Management and Cost Control

Most physician groups have little time to contend with the hassles of developing and managing an in-office laboratory. This requires many tasks including CMS certification, hiring and scheduling technologists, dealing with frequent equipment maintenance issues, developing standard operating procedures and quality control programs. This can be extremely time consuming without the right management team to facilitate the process.

Medicus Labs will arrange significant expense reductions utilizing its national network of distributors. Cost containment in staffing, billing & collections, equipment, and consumables are all achieved.

Experienced Leadership

Medicus Labs founder, Jeff Wasserman MD, MBA has over 15 years of clinical experience is a Board certified anesthesiologist, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine, and is a COLA-certified clinical Lab Director. He currently is managing partner of a large Pain Medicine & Anesthesia group in Dallas, TX. Dr. Wasserman serves on the Boards of various healthcare organizations, has provided expert opinion on drug screening regulations, and has extensive knowledge in developing and managing physician in-office  ancillary services. He completed his Executive MBA in Healthcare Administration at the prestigious AMME program for physician executives at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Laboratory services provided

Consultation on government rules, space preparation, and appropriate lab testing panel
CMS registration application for moderate complex lab (MCL)
Lease or purchase options for lab analyzer and other equipment
Discount pricing on lab equipment and reagents
Hiring and scheduling of lab technicians if required for office
Provide standard operating procedures unique to each lab
Oversee all quality control and assessment procedures
Arrange proficiency testing and inspection preparation
Arrange Lab Director certification for physician, and all necessary staff training
Oversee the entire quality management process from sample collection through result reporting
Billing & Collections (optional)

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